Saturday, July 19, 2008

Help For Linux

image Thanks to Vista many people are seriously considering a switch to Linux. However there are many misconceptions surrounding Linux. and 'Help for Linux' aims to remove some of those misconceptions. On this blog I will put up blogs from various sites which will help you set up your own Linux PC and then later on I would suggest you Linux programs which will make Windows redundant on your PC.

In my first few posts I will try to make the idea of having Linux familiar to you, then I would introduce various 'distros' to you and help you in making the choice among them.

So do bookmark this page and keep reading!


  1. hello there... hope this blog will bring more linux help.

  2. LINUX is shatware!

    Very hit or miss, sad GUI standards, not for the average user, too much fiddling, twiddling, and configuring. Wireless support stinks to high heavens. Software is hard to load. Just not ready for prime time computing for Joe-six pack.

    Want LINUX help? Go get a MAC.

  3. LINUX is a great software.

  4. Linux is still for people who like to spend a lot time fixing their computer, instead of using it. If Linux was a car, it would be covered by the Lemon Law.


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