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10 - 3 Reasons Why Linux Mint is Better Than Ubuntu

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In my last post you read a review about Linux Mint, a distro which I referred to as Ubuntu ++. Well here are 7 reasons why Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu. Do tell me more if you have them.

1. Linux Mint = Ubuntu++: Linux Mint is basically Ubuntu with various goodies pre-installed. Linux Mint has a stellar “out of the box” experience.

2. Better media playback: Linux Mint comes with various codecs pre-installed, so no that you can play those mp3s right out of the box. DVDs too play out of the box.

3. Looks Good: Linux Mint comes with a beautiful blue theme. Even die-hard Ubuntu fans hate the ugly brown theme, Linux Mint simply looks better. As a general overview Linux Mint's default look is very pleasant and professional looking showing the road to other desktop-oriented distros (listening Ubuntu?).

4. One Taskbar: Linux Mint does away with the dual panel approach by removing the top panel. The Linux Mint start menu, called mintMenu replicates the Windows start menu. People from Windows background will obviously prefer this.


5. Inclusion of essential softwares: Linux Mint comes pre-installed with Adobe Flash, Java and also Envy. I know, all these softwares can be downloaded for Ubuntu too but there are few things which can go wrong with the Ubuntu approach. While installing Adobe flash for Firefox I selected Gnash. Although I support open source, Gnash sucks! Hope it improves.

6. MintUpload: An FTP client that uploads files to a server by right-clicking on the icons and selecting upload. The user will then be given a link he or she can give to other people for quick and easy sharing. An easier Rapidshare.

7. Linux Mint users can use Ubuntu forums too, since most hacks which are applicable to Ubuntu also apply to Mint.


  1. Mint dropped Amarok a release or two ago, it now comes with Rhythmbox--a much better experience for GNOME.

    Your list really does a dis-service to Mint. All of the things that you mention are simple mods that any Ubuntu user could do in a few minutes.

    What makes Mint superior is the Mint tools. Mint Desktop, Mint Install, Mint Menu and Mint Update are all best of class apps and show where Linux is headed.

    I will grant you that Mint provides the best out-of-the-box experience but that is far from ALL that Mint is.


  2. I have to agree with foggytown on this one. Mint is more then just a different background image and some proprietary codecs.

  3. Wow, never heard of Mint before. Looks fantastic. I will give it a try.


  4. Mint can never surpass Ubuntu . Because It is based on Ubuntu and if Ubuntu doesn't existed so does Mint.. and Mint is nothing just Ubuntu with extra bloatwares !

    How many will prefer Mint Install over Synaptic ?

  5. Why will Mint never surpass Ubuntu??
    I switched over from Ubuntu to LinuxMint because of some dissapointments and a huge unstability with Ubuntu 10.10.

    Mint has a better Update-Service than Ubuntu. Mint Update informes you in an decent way if Updates are available.
    Ubuntu does not have this anymore since 9.10. This service was dropped there.
    Since this time, you have to check by your own and updates are so buggy last time, that it is no fun anymore to work with Ubuntu!!

    Then Mint has - as already has been said - a more modern Look than Ubuntu has.

    Then LinuxMint has a better Java-Support by including Sun Java which has moved to the Partner-Repos in Ubuntu and which will be dropped out of Ubuntu in a short time. Then these pre-installed codecs make it easier to watch Flash-Videos or even read CDs, which are provided with a code to make them unabale to be copied.

    Then Mint supports so many Ubuntu-Packages because of its base on Ubuntu. That's for me the best thing on Mint.
    My hardware is recognised better in Mint (it works faster in Mint although it was also running out-of-the-box in Ubuntu as it does also in Mint.

    Then the next reason for me to install Mint rather than Ubuntu is, that the Installer of Mint is much more stable than the one of Ubuntu, which so often crashes right during the installation-process or even does not start up (the only work-around for this is to boot to the live-desktop and press the install-Button there).
    But if you use the Mint-Installer, then everything runs so smooth and in a so stable manner, that one should forget about Ubuntu.
    If these inconveniences with Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 10.0 will continue on, then I can really say, that Ubuntu will die as fast as it has risen up from nowhere.

  6. I have installed Linux Mint 9 gnome edition alongside Windows 7 on my Netbook. I have done this by mounting the ISO CD file,which I downloaded from the Internet on virtual clone drive, another program I have.And it works. I find that Linux Mint is easier to use and the only Linux brand that is user friendly.You can also change the desktop theme and put software icons like your Firefox and others as short cuts on your desktop. Just like you do on Windows.I would reccomend Linux Mint 9 or 10 to anyone wanting to try Linux. Linux mint KDE works but it is slower and more difficult to user. Andrea Borman.


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