Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Won't be so Ugly After All

When the first few Ubuntu Ibex alphas were released one of the 'features' was the new all dark theme. It was expected to be an improvement over the usually ugly Ubuntu. The new theme was supposed to be shipped with Hardy Heron, however it was still unfinished and hence the decision to include it was scrapped. This led to heightened expectations from Ibex. Personally I was expecting a beautiful desktop which would set an example for other distros. However I was (like everyone else) disappointed. The NewHuman theme was ugly to say the least. There was huge out cry on the web. Some blogs called Ibex the ' Ugliest Ubuntu Ever?'.

Review imageReview imageReview image

One of the common things about all Ubuntu alpha reviews were the comments sections. Every one criticized the new theme.

Thankfully Canonical listened to all the noises and changed the ugly Chocolate-Brown theme to the old Human-Murrine theme in the latest alpha 4. Hope fully they will add some nice theme for Ibex.

Are you happy with how things shaping up for Ibex?

Some reviews of Ibex (Read the comments):

Alpha 3- Softpedia

Alpha 2- Softpedia


  1. I never quite minded Ubuntu's looks...but to compete with Mac it will need to pretty up.
    Lots of mac stuff on my blog mate. Thanks for comment. http://techrn.wordpress.com


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