Sunday, September 28, 2008

Auto-Mount Hard Drives on Ubuntu

One of the biggest problem of using Linux is the fact that many times things just get screwed up. Most of the times it isn't your fault at all, it could be an hardware problem or an software glitch. However it doesn't change the fact that your PC is screwed up!
One of those things which happens with my Ubuntu is that it doesn't mount all my hard drives (except C:// drive, on which it is installed) during startup. I have to manually open up Places and click on each and every hard drive to open them up. This might seem to be a trivial problem, but it isn't. The major headaches due to this are:

1. I cannot keep any image from other hard drive as Wallpaper.
2. Amarok cannot start playing songs. It gives me an error saying 'File not located'. This is the most important problem.

So if you have been hounded by this problem too, then rejoice cause I have finally found a solution to this problem. I must thank nicedude for this.
There is an amazing software called Pysdm which allows you to decide which drives to mount or unmount during startup. Pysdm is an GUI application and is extremely easy to use.
To install Pysdm do this:

Command to install it

sudo apt-get install pysdm

Command to run it after install

sudo pysdm

Once it opens select the drive and then partition you want to mount on the left hand side of the GUI and then click mount and it should do it for you.

You wanted me, here I am....

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  1. Doesn't Ubuntu automount all partitions by default? I know I've seen it happen on one of my friends fresh install.

  2. Many times it doesn't!
    It happened to me and many others!

  3. > One of the biggest problem of using Linux is the fact that many times things just get screwed up.

    Well, yeah, get a Mac when you have some spare cash.

  4. Of course, you could always just manually edit /etc/fstab and add lines for the drives you want to mount, but if you don't want to mess around with that something like this will do.

  5. Try out Webmin. Really, it's fantastic. It saved me hours of work while migrating from windows to Ubuntu.

  6. C://? Are you using MS Ubuntu 98?

  7. I have installed Ubuntu using Wubi on my PC. I have installed it on C:// drive.

  8. Ubuntu as well as most Linux users don't get it. We should be able to mount and unmount resources without all this effort. Pysdm is a good option but Ubuntu makes everything a pain...oh you can get lots of stupid games but try to partition a drive or change a resource and waste an hour.

  9. If I was using windows this would have been done by now.

  10. my ubuntu won't mount drives. period. i can't use pysdm, i can't do it manually. i can't mount drives, external or internal. in fact if i have an external plugged into a usb during boot up ubuntu freezes or restarts.

    ubuntu takes too much work to do normal tasks.

    the nerds were wrong, linux is NOT better than windows

  11. In re: "The nerds were wrong, Linux is NOT better than Windows" on DECEMBER 23, 2008 11:19 PM

    Just because YOU can't get it to work properly the first time, Ubuntu's a P.o.S.?

    I have been running Ubuntu since 7.04 (Feisty) on a Dell OptiPlex GX270 [2.8GHz 1.5GB RAM 20 GB HDD1 80GB HDD2 CD/RW DVD+-RW] and an OptiPlex GX 240 [1.7GHZ 512MB RAM 20 GB HDD1 20GB HDD2 CD/RW] with minimal errors.

    I 'just' finished reinstalling 8.10 (Intrepid) on the GX 270 because of a mistake I made with Synaptic Package Manager. After a fresh install and auto update, the system is running almost perfectly. I have to pull the UUIDs and edit /etc/fstab to automount HDD2, but that's it.

    Now, tell me how Windows is easier to install than that? Plus, as an added benefit, there is no such thing as Ubuntu WGA.

    Maybe if you asked for help instead of dissing the OS, you wouldn't be so down on it.

    If Linux is "NOT better than Windows", then why is it that when you look up the server stats of almost any hosting company or ISP it comes up some flavor of *nix running Apache? How many Windows IIS servers are there out there? Windows is for sheeple.

  12. Hello, tnx for the helpful hint with psydm! It helped my desktop-PC with intrepid 8.10 now showing accessible WXP/ntfs formatted drives on desktop which were not automounted nor shown in the filesystem before. Unfotunately it did not solve my main problem: For any reason the menu "Places/Computer" is not accessible, an alert window appears reporting this.This behavior has not changed after using psdym which does not more than adding some drive infos to fstab, I believe. After closing the session and reboot one has to run it again to get the drives for next use. Guess, something in the Nautilus file Browser application went wrong but, I found no way to fix it exept performing a new installation! Tried various system settings to edit unsuccessfully..
    On my laptop I made a parallel installation which worked fine in native state. Even the ntfs formatted part of the only drive was easily mounted simply by clicking on the icon in the browser. From any lately performed paket-installations suddenly I can't any longer mount my WXP-Partition although an icon for it is still shown in the Nautilus browser window. After running psdym this behavior did not change (same reported above with the other bug on the desktop PC. Trying to mount the ntfs-drive on the laptop results in another alert window which shows: "Unable to mount the volume"
    Details: mount_point cannot contain the following characters: newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)
    Does anyone know how automounting really works in GNOME/Nautilus and give a hint what to do??
    It's a mess, I have now two computers with built in bugs and do'nt understand why..
    regards Detlef, dl7iy

  13. PS: We have a New Year and I am happy to report that something got fixed by using the recommended tool Webmin!"Places/Computer" I can't open still, but I can live with it since all internal and external usb-drives are shown now on the desktop and are accessible.
    Funny to notice: The previously installed tool psydm has vanished in cyber-space. Happy New Year to all readers

  14. PPS:sri,pysdm is already here!

  15. With the KDE desktop, under System Settings - Advanced - Disk & Filesystems it is easy to modify drive mount parameters through the GUI, which, of course, re-writes the fstab file.

    If you are using Gnome, however, it, like Apple's OS's, leaves you handcuffed by the designers' worship of "KISS", where you are the "Stupid" and they are the ones who "Keep It".

  16. If you used Wubi to install Ubuntu, you can access your windows volume through the directory "/host/"

    i.e. my windows desktop is located at:

    /host/Documents and Settings/Andrew/Desktop/

  17. @Andrew0002
    Of course windows is available under host that was never a problem, but the main problem is that Ubuntu doesn't load your Hard Drives like E:, D: at startup. You have to manually click on it to load it. This becomes a pain because if you are of the habit of firing up music player and Firefox on startup, the music player will show an error.. file not found. With pysdm it gets loaded automatically.

  18. I've spent the last 8-12 hours trying to get my sound card, lan, video settings working for Ubuntu 8.10. Now it's forgetting my mounted hard drive settings and doesn't recognize my sata II drive anymore. Wine doesn't work with many applications I need to use in windows. I might have to go back to XP SP3. :(

    Linux is not better than Windows or Mac OS X.

  19. or use "NTFS Configuration Tool“ -- auto mount ntfs drive

  20. thanks this working..

  21. Do not use sudo with GUI applications.
    Use gksudo.

  22. Thanks for the tip. I wasn't sure how to set all the parameters in /etc/fstab but now I can change it with pysdm and have a look at what was set.

    As for the Linux vs Windows vs Mac eternal fight, I'm sure it will never end. You people have to understand that each of these OS have their strengths and weaknesses. Some things that might seem hard and counter intuitive for some persons might be a delight for someone else. I think it's wonderful you have the choice to pick whatever suits you best. Pick what you want and stop throwing dirt in other people faces for things that you don't like or don't understand.

    @sv: that's why I will never pick a mac. i recognize all the benefits of MacOs but it seems all the mac users are arrogant bastards that can't stop bragging that they had the money to pay for it.

  23. my machine unmounts the drives by itself after a random amount of time... well it doesnt unmount but when you go to look in the folders of the hard drive they are all empty, then when i restart everything is all good! PAIN IN THE ARSE!

  24. worked like a charm for me! thanks!

  25. Under a brand new installation of 9.04 I keep getting the error;

    E: Couldn't find package psydm

  26. @renup89
    try enabling all repositories;
    Synaptic: System > Administration > Synaptic >> Settings >> Repositories

  27. @renup89
    Try spelling it pysdm

    That's (Python) Storage Device Manager.

  28. Good tip dude, didn't know about this one and for those that are struggling to migrate from Windows to Linux, you have to leave Windows ways behind and start "Googling" and posting questions and suddenly you are at a level of proficiency where it doesn't look so hard any more and you are starting to enjoy the experience and realise that it is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Then you realise that the boundaries of Linux are far wider than any other operating system, whatever you want to do, it just takes a little persistence and effort. Early Windows was not that friendly but very stable, they went wrong with that issue somewhere and have never returned to it.

    Anyway my advice is, if you want the adventure then persevere as it will broaden your computing horizons immensely, if you just want things to work and you are not too adventurous then stick to Windows.

    BTW How many of you Windows buffs know how to mount Ext3 under Vista?

  29. O.k. I used pysdm and my 2nd.hdd is being "automounted". Now I would like to write (paste) something onto it...

  30. "How many of you Windows buffs know how to mount Ext3 under Vista?"

    i dont think it's doable yet.

  31. Just to note, this is an EXCELLENT tool to use if you have messed up and done the "mount_point cannot contain the following characters: newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)" thing. It'll show the partitions, you auto-config them, and BAM! Problem fixed. Great for an issue like mine where gconf-editor won't show the ill-named mounts under system->storage

  32. "How many of you Windows buffs know how to mount Ext3 under Vista?"

    I hate Windows, but happen to know: Ext2ifs.

  33. Thanks so much! My bit torrent client (Transmission) re-downloads everything just because I forgets to mount the drive. And Rhythumbox can't find my music and reloads its database until it's empty if I didn't mount the drive.

  34. @ex nihilo
    I'm, glad you liked the post. I too faced the Rythmbox problem and was forced to find a solution.
    Please consider spreading the word about the blog.

  35. Thumbs up!!!
    Thanks for the tip it's much easier than Mountmanager.

  36. An alternative is MountManager, found in the synaptic. Worked better for me as my Vista partition wasnt showing up in pysdm.

  37. I love the CSS from this site... (Y)

  38. Wow! Cool! This ist the solution I was looking for!!! Thank you!

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  40. I have 2GB & 4GB pendrive but in Ubuntu 10.04 detect only 2GB pendrive It doesn't detect my 4GB pendrive Why ?

    same system, usb port & pendrive in WinXP detecting. Hence hardware support it. Also 2GB pendrive is working fine in Ubuntu. I try 4GB pendrive in other system in Ubuntu 10.04 but same as above.

    Also when insert pendrive in usb drive red light blink for 2-3 second then no response.

    lsusb no response and system>adm>Disk Utility no display of such drive.


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