Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wine-Doors - Make Wine useable, Without Touching the Terminal!

Wine-Doors is an cool and easy way to install useful softwares and fonts on your PC. The best part about it is that it requires no terminal typing and it lets you install tons of softwares which includes Internet Explorer, Adobe Photoshop CS2, WinRAR, Google Sketchup, World of Warcraft 2&3, Half Life 2,  Call of Duty 1&2, Steam.
According to the developers 'Wine-Doors is an Windows application management for the GNOME Desktop.'
For those of you who know 'Wine Tools' an older application, Wine-Doors picks up where it left off.Consider it as an extension to Wine. Needless to say, you'd require Wine up and running to use Wine Doors. Surprisingly before you can use the software, you have to fill in your name and company name. You also have to check mark a box which says, "I have a Microsoft license"- and you can lie!
You can download Wine-Doors by using Synaptic.

2 Extra fingers freaked me out!


  1. "You can download Wine-Doors by using Synaptic."

    Would you care to mention the name of this package?

  2. @Anonymous
    If you do a search on synaptic with the words "wine doors" you'll get Wine-Doors.

  3. Not true here. You must have a repository added that we don't have...

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  5. lol at this useless crap, Ubuntu is a useless piece of rubbish that will never become mainstream, it is epic fail and a waste of time and space, Windows is 10 times better then this waste of space

  6. lol на этой никудышной гречихе, Ubuntu никудышная часть хлама которая никогда не будет быть основным направлением, оно былинный терпеть неудачу и непродуктивная трата времени и космос, Windows 10 времен более лучше после этого этот отход космоса

  7. @Anonymous
    Thanks for sharing your 'inspiring' views with us ;)

  8. Yeah, gotta disagree with Anon. Been a longtime computer geek - cut my teeth on Commodores, used older Macs in school, been a long-time Windows user since high school - and I thoroughly enjoy the hell out of Ubuntu so much that I'm already replacing XP with Ubuntu as my primary desktop.

    Suck it, WinCultist!

  9. I have found Wine very helpful on Linux Mint,as it was this that enabled me to install and run Windows Flock web browser(because Linux Flock did not work.)I have Linux Mint 9 installed along side Windows 7. And I would just like to ask,do I have to have the same software,web browsers installed on Windows for it to install in Linux with Wine? I am asking this because I an thinking of running Windows Live Messenger on Linux Mint but I do not have it installed on Windows as I use other chat messengers there but want it on Linux. But does it and other Windows software also need to be installed on Windows first for it to work on Linix or not? Andrea Borman.

  10. I have Wine 1.2 installed on my Linux mint 9-gnome edition. But when I installed Wine doors it was just blank, there was no software list. So now I just have Wine 1.2 installed. And when I want some thing I just go to the website and download it,the same way as I do in Windows.

    Wine works great for Windows web browsers like Mozilla Flock and Pale Moon and Safefox,which are all Mozilla Geko engine browsers.

    But it does not work for Green browser or Avant browser which is IE engine based. And does not work for Aim Messenger or ICQ. As I think it is because the Windows chat messengers need Dill. Which is a software part found in Internet Explorer and Windows. Which I think is not in Linux operating system.

    but it works great for Mozilla browsers as they do not need dill the IE component to run them. Andrea Borman.


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