Sunday, November 9, 2008

10 Lamest Reasons For Giving Up On Linux!

Last time you read "7 Shit Ass Reasons for Using Linux" now here are "10 Lamest Reasons For Giving Up On Linux! "
1. No start button.

2. No Notepad, Paint or Internet Explorer.
Things you can do with MSPaint:

3. All others use Windows

4. I found it to be unusable, when I tried it 5 yrs ago

5. It is very slow! (when trying it out from a live cd)

6. It is Free.

7. I have heard that it is illegal, it is also made by hackers.

8. "I can get Windows free too (illegal copy)"

9. There is another OS apart from Windows?? (Gasp!)

10. I hate Penguins!


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  2. Good job! :) The second piont about Paint and IE is the best :)

  3. @Second Point:
    Doesn't run MS Paint with Wine?

    Just kidding^^

  4. although m a linux user, i think item 8 tops it all ^_^

  5. Linux has start menus. Replacements for IE and mspaint is firefox and kolourpaint. Not all others use windows. Linux isn't slow. I'm pretty sure a bunch of people contributing to source is a bunch of hackers, normal programmers, and people from other walks of life. I don't see why people go through the trouble of pirating windows, better to just buy it, pirate it is too much trouble. Don't forget beos, macosx, unix, etc. Penguins wuvs the fishes (they're so cute).

  6. where are my games? how can i run ISSpro? -:) -:)

  7. Half-life:counter strike now can be run on Linux :))

  8. The reason I gave up on windows years ago was that it was too counter intuitive to use. By that I mean everything requires a bunch of useless steps. I still have to use XP because of the field that I am in (architecture), but mostly I use mac. Last week I installed Ubuntu 8.1 through parallels because I dream of someday being able to do all drafting, modeling, visualization, and post-production editing with out having to rely on capitalist pigs like those at microsoft and autodesk. But after trying Linux Ubuntu 8.10 I realized that dream is a long ways away. I thought XP had an inordinate amount of steps... Ubuntu is redisculus. I have to be a programmer to run what should be simple installations. I have been trying for two days to install the ATI graphic driver for 3D acceleration (and to get the visual effects to work). I finally just gave up. I guess my expectations were a little unrealistic. I was hoping that it would be comparable to mac or at least on par with XP as far as simplicity and useability is concerned. Oh well. Maybe in 5-10 years I will try again.

  9. @ above Anonymous:
    I'd suggest you try Envy.
    It determines your graphics card, downloads the appropriate driver and installs it. One reboot later you are set to go.
    It is available in Synaptic.
    Try it. It is hassle free.


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