Thursday, November 27, 2008

Extract and Create RAR Files in Ubuntu

[Image]Rar is the second most popular zipping format after .zip unfortunately ubuntu doesn't ship with any utility to either create or extract rar files . Rar support isn't included in Ubuntu because rar is an closed format, like MP3. So here is how you can install rar support in Ubuntu.
To extract rar archives in Ubuntu do this:
Open a terminal and past this command in it

sudo apt-get install unrar

Or if you are using Firefox click here.
This won't install another software on your PC, rather Ubuntu's Achieve manager will get the ability to work with RAR files. Unrar is a small 99 KB package.
Note that unrar isn't an opensource project, so those who live by opensource ideology won't like to install this.
Tombuntu blog has posted another opensource solution here. However the opensource unrar doesn't work with all rar files.

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  1. Please note that in order to create a .rar archive you will need to install the rar package like this:

    sudo apt-get install rar

    Again the comments in the article about 'Open Source ideology' apply.


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