Thursday, November 27, 2008

Install Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu

I am a big fan of Microsoft Office 2007. The ribbon interface is very productive and MS Office 2007 was the first 'real' upgrade to the venerable quarter century old Office suite. However after switching to Ubuntu I thought I wouldn't be able to use Office 2007. I tried using Open Office but Open Office isn't half as good as MS Office 2007. I tried to search various forums and tried to install Office 2007 but couldn't. I took it as Wine's failure. However today I managed to install Office 2007 and that too without using any software hacks, I didn't even have to use the terminal. I managed to install Office 2007 by using a brilliant software called 'Crossover Linux' it is an commercial app which makes installing various Windows softwares a snap. You must have read about Crossover Linux, recently the company was giving away free versions of its software for free. Many of you must have downloaded it that day. CrossOver Linux won't let you install every windows software but it has been tailor made to install the most popular Windows software.
Well so here is how I installed my favorite MS Office on Ubuntu along with few screenshots:
1. Install Crossover Linux. It costs money, but  with Google and determination, you can find anything :p
2. Open Crossover Linux form Applications > CrossOver > Install Windows Software

3. Select Microsoft Office 2007 (or whichever you want to install) from the list. Hit Next.
4. If you have the CD then select the option of CD ROM or else select the option of Other Installer File, now browse to the place where media is situated. Hit Next.
5. CrossOver will create a new bottle (most probably XP). Hit Next.
6. CrossOver will now start the installations. Here is where it truly steps in. It will install various fonts which are required for installation and msxml3.exe which is very important for the installation to continue.
7. The MS Office installer will begin. Complete the installation process as usual. Wait for some time to make sure that the installation is over, or else it will corrupt CrossOver Linux.
8. CrossOver will do a virtual reboot.


9. You will find all the MS Office programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc under Applications > Windows Applications > Microsoft Office


10. You can use them without having to do a reboot!


Thankyou Codeweavers!
MS Office is performing very well, there are few gripes such as:
1. Word cannot open .mht files because that requires Internet Explorer.
2. I cannot move the application window. It remains in a static position.
3. When I started the applications for the first time it crashed often, but now it is stable.

Still I am glad to have Office working under Ubuntu. It rocks!
If you don't have CrossOver, Wine can help. Here are few links to other tutorials which promise to install Office under Ubuntu. I tried some of them unsuccessfully, but it might just work for you.


Along with Word I was able to install all other applications ion the Office Suite like Excel, PowerPoint etc.
CodeWeavers is amazing! May be Wine developers should also consider adding such scripts in their next version so that installing Windows software becomes even more easier.


  1. hey that looks great, i'm gonna try it as soon as I get back my office2007 cd haha.
    BTW, any tips on finding that CrossOver tar, deb or whatever format?

  2. @amnesiacandres
    Enjoy :P


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