Sunday, December 14, 2008

Install Flock in Ubuntu

After reading a lot about flock the new browser based on Firefox known for its tight integration with modern social web sites, I decided to give it a try.
I must say
I am impressed, Flock's tight integration with web 2.0 services like Digg, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger etc is amazing.
The default theme is a nice looking blue one. The first thing you are bound to notice is the large star button next to the address bar. The function of this button is to bookmark pages. The default homepage is ‘My World’ which hosts all your feeds from blogs and favorite websites. All the menus and options are just as in Firefox and Firefox users would be completely at home with it Flock. 

Another big addition is the sidebar from which you can access your friends feed from Facebook. It also has many tricks up its sleeve when it comes to Facebook. There are options available to upload photos directly to online sites like Flickr and Photobucket. You can also view the feeds from streaming media like Youtube . The address bar has an envelop icon next to it, you can send the address of the website you are currently on by email. Flock also has an Blog Writer, the process of setting up the blog writer is extremely simple. You merely have to sign in to your blog with Flock to set it up. As simple as that! Highlight any text on a Web page and drag it to the blogging panel (which pops up when you click a blogging toolbar button), and your blog entry becomes instantly formatted with the highlighted text featured as a quote, nicely formatted in blockquote. The page link is bundled into the entry as well when you drag text. All of this displays in flawless WYSIWYG, and the whole presentation is pretty as a morning flower. Since its based on Firefox Flock can support mast but not all extensions used in Firefox.
The current version 2.02 of Flock corresponds to Firefox 3. Unfortunately the Flock devs don't provide a single .deb file to work with, rather they give you a tar ball to compile from. Even Synaptic doesn't have Flock in its repositories. However GetDeb guys have compile a .deb package for all of us. It is 14 MB in size and works perfectly in Ubuntu. Their photo uploader is damn sexy! I liked Flock so much that I have made it my default browser.

You can download Flock here.
Save it to some location and then install it by double clicking on the .deb file.

Note: In case after installing Flock you have some problem with flash content follow this tutorial
Get Flash Working in Flock Browser in Ubuntu


  1. I have tried this method and many other ways I have read about on the web to try to install the Linux version of Flock. But nothing works. Any solutions? I am new to Linux and I have got Linux Mint 9 Gnome.The closest I have come to installing Flock on Linux is to install the Windows version using Wine. But I would prefer to user Linux Flock if possible on Linux Mint.Andrea.

  2. @Andrea have you tried this deb file?

    The old link doesn't work any more.
    Do let us know if this works.

  3. Yes,I did try the get deb website and I get an error message.From what I read Flock is a tar file not a deb file. And when I downloaded Swiftfox browser an open source of Firefox for Linux,after the download,package manager finished the installation for me. But this was a deb file but it seems that on Linux,I can only install Windows Flock through Wine. Why don't they just include Flock in the packages like they do with Firefox or Chromium,this would solve the problem.Andrea Borman.

  4. Well,after making adjustments to my Linux Mint system. The package manager did install Flock 2.6.1 from the get deb package. But it was bare without any add ons or plug ins and I tried the method you said by typing in the command in terminal and other tips from the web. But it would not import the Firefox plug ins and it would not let me install Adobe Flash player.I kept getting an error message "a later version is installed in Firefox." So I could not play videos. So I had to uninstall Linux Flock again and I am now using the Windows version of Flock in Linux Mint. Which I installed through Wine. I still had to download Adobe Flash player,but on Windows Flock this was not a problem. So even though I have Windows Flock running on Linux at least it plays videos.The Adobe Flash player on Flock is the Windows version,that works with Windows Flock and other Windows web browsers.But what I do not understand is that other web browsers on Linux downloaded from the internet and the packages come with built in plug ins,the same ones in Firefox as well as some installed by me,such a the Google Talk plug in. So why is this not the case with Linux Flock? Andrea Borman.


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