Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gwget:Download Manager For Gnome

What Ubuntu really lacks, is a good download manager. I wanted one and no, Firefox extension 'Downloadthemall' wouldn't work for me. So I decided to look around for a decent download manager. You must have read about 'wget' and most of you must have it already installed on your PC. It is required by many software as an required library. It is a powerful tool for downloading files. However it is a command line tool, so unless you are a super-geek you won't be able to make much out of it.

However there is one software Gwget which gives wget a GUI so that terminal illiterate people like me can use it.

Here is a screenshot :



Powerful: Since Gwget is based on wget it is a powerful software. It is a download manager for Gnome.

Resume: By default, gwget tries to continue any download.

Notification: Gwget tries to use the Gnome notification area support, if available. You can close the main window and Gwget runs in the background.

Recursivity: Gwget detects when you put a html, php, asp or a web page dir in the url to download, and ask you to only download certain files (multimedia, only the index, and so on).

Drag & Drop: You can drag & drop a url to the main Gwget window or the notification area icon to add a new download.

Features I wish were there:

Drop-box (I hate the drop-box but still it is useful for some people).

On screen display for telling the download stats.

Facility like Grab++ like in Orbit Downloader.


You can install Gwget via Synaptic or y typing the following command.

sudo apt-get install gwget

You can find the tar balls here

Final Thoughts:

Gwget is a decent download manager. Users from Windows background would find it a bit lacking as compared to Windows software like Flashget, Orbit Downloader and Free Download Manager (my favorite, alas it doesn’t work with Wine). Orbit works well with Wine but the Grab++ feature doesn’t work.

But still it is a good thing to have around.


  1. IMHO nowdays, if a download manager cannot split the file into multiple parts, does not support batch downloading and user/password logins for sites that require it,it does not deserve its name.
    The ONLY decent download manager in Linux is Multiget. It may be slow in developement, but it is the most complete program of its kind for Linux systems. Kget and Gwget should learn a few things from it and from the windows dl managers like Flashget and FDM.

  2. yep true the best download manager for linux is Multiget. i just can't find better . it's just Free Download Manager for linux.

  3. You said that "I have been using Ubuntu and liking it since June 2008, but if Windows 7 is better I don't think I will continue to use Ubuntu. I'll feel bad for Mr. Shuttleworth but I guess...The only thing holding me back on Linux would be my HelpforLinux blog at blogspot.
    But I must say, when Ubuntu works, there is nothing like it!" on Digg. Any you also said previously here that the only thing keeping you with Linux is Synaptic. With that in mind will you be moving to Windows 7 or does it have nothing in comparison to Synaptic?

    Why feel bad. If Windows7 is better is that not the sensible thing to do as that will have more future earning potential for you? If Ubuntu is to compete it will have to step up to the mark and produce something far better with a definite income stream for people.
    That income stream must be present by the time you leave college. Do you think this is probable or do you anticipate gaining a start by moving over to Windows7 early?

  4. @ Anonymous:
    Who are you? You seem to have been tracking me on Digg,
    Well, I dual boot between Windows and Linux. In my college we only focus on Windows. My teacher doesn't even know that Ubuntu is infact Linux (read the post before this).
    The thing I said about Synaptic was that on Linux installing applications without it is hell. So if there was no synaptic, I wouldn't have continued using Ubuntu. Windows doesn't need any synaptic because installing software takes only an .exe file, where as in Linux you require tons of libraries and 3-5 commands.
    Well Mr. Shuttleworth has invested so much into Linux and he does it as charity rather than as a business so, yeah I'll feel bad if Linux looses.
    I am new to coding so I am using Visual Studio to code windows application (just the basics) later on I'll try to make Linux software. You can earn under Linux but Windows is the most dominant thing out there.
    Hope I cleared your doubts :)

  5. I am no-one and only followed your link from Digg to read your blog.
    I just wanted to know which way you were planning to go in the future.
    Good luck in your studies.


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