Monday, January 5, 2009

Linux & Teachers

As few of you know, I'm a Computer Science student currently studying in F.E..
The other day I was taking print outs from the college PC lab (as we call it). The official college time was over. Apart from me there was another friend of mine and our Computer Programming teacher. She was busy checking our assignments. I booted one PC and was pleasantly surprised to find good ol' Ubuntu booting up. Normally here in India Windows is the norm in  schools, universities and colleges. Hell, we still use Borland Turbo C compilers which are the relics from the stone age of modern computing.
I asked my teacher , "Miss, who installed Linux on that PC?"
and she replied, "That isn't Linux - It is Ubuntu."
I found it hard not to laugh, I was almost ROFL.
Some other guys from other colleges too have experienced such experiences.
One of my friends teacher believes that Linux is a DOS based OS.


You must have read about this particular teacher named Karen who punished a student because he was giving away free Linux CDs. She believes that Linux is illegal.

Guess teachers and Linux will always be at odds.

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  1. You're wrong. I'm an English teacher (though still young) and I'm using crunchbanglinux (a Ubuntu based distribution).

  2. Not sure how a minor semantical difference is worthy of a post, but whatever...

    Linux != Ubuntu after all...


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