Friday, March 27, 2009

Upcoming Ubuntu Releases

Each time a new version of Ubuntu is released, Canonical chooses a release name that is practically guaranteed to be loved by all. All Ubuntu names consists of 2 parts - the second word consists of some animal and the first is an adjective. Here some names which didn't make the cut (I wonder why).
  • Ambitious Australopithecus
  • Autistic Aardvark
  • Apathetic Amoeba
  • Bitchy Badger
  • Bloated Bastard
  • Buggy Beast
  • Copulating Cthulhu (In tribute to Mark Shuttleworth)
  • Drowning Duck
  • Drugged Dog
  • Emo Emu
  • Epileptic Elephant
  • Fingering Furry
  • Funky Fish
  • Girly Gorilla
  • Hardy Hardon
  • Horny Hedgehog
  • Hungry Hippo
  • Insipid Ibex
  • Jabbering Jabberwock

Here are some names which may make it:
  • Kinky Kangaroo
  • Lazy Lemming (A tribute release to system administrators rolling out Ubuntu)
  • Masturbating Monkey (A special Linus Torvalds Edition tribute release to Ubuntu lusers)
  • Nasty Nematode
  • Nude Nudibranch
  • Outraged Ostrich
  • Offensive Ogre
  • Paraplegic Penguin
  • Phlegmatic Pony
  • Quadriplegic Quail
  • Randy Rhino
  • Rigid Rat
  • Snarky Snail
  • Stupid Swan
  • Touchy Turtle
  • Ugly Urchin
  • Virile Vixen
  • Wobbly Whale
  • Xenophobic Xenoposeidon
  • Yearning Yeti
  • Zany Zebra

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  1. K's already Karmic Koala. Kinky Kangaroo won't make it, I'm sorry


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