Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turnoff the Caps Lock Key in Ubuntu

I hate the Caps Lock Key! Many times I type my blogs without looking at the screen and after typing in couple of sentence I realize my mistake.
Typing in 'jOHN sMITH' makes me feel like a monkey.
Damn...I hit the CAPS key 
If you find yourself sometimes accidentally hitting the Caps Lock key, use this tip. 
Temporary Solution:
Just open a terminal and type xmodmap -e "clear Lock" to disable it. 
Permanent Solution:
Open your .profile file in Gedit (gedit ~/.profile) and add the command as a new line at the end of the file. Save the file.
You will have to log out and then login to notice changes.

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  1. This doesn't work on my laptop running Ubuntu 9.10

    I use the vi editor. Caps Lock can be quite disturbing in that editor. I love the forums. The second runner up for advice was use a different editor. I've been using vi for 30 years. I think I'll continue with it. The winner was "learn how to type". Now isn't that nice? Where do we get these brain trusts? They see to be on every forum. Actually I'm glad they are there. When frustrated, it's nice to have a little entertainment.


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