Sunday, April 26, 2009

Xmind: Best Mind Maping Software For Ubuntu

A mind map is a diagram representing ideas and related words that center around one central idea or word.

It is widely used to collect all aspects of a topic and put those aspects into relation. It could be about a company and all of its products, a website and its category or a tv series and its cast. Xmind can be used to create basic mind maps in minutes. It does come with advanced options to include images, relations, attachments, hyperlinks, notes, boundaries and structures to create advanced mind maps that can be used for presentations.

Xmind comes with the possibilities to share the mind map online but also enough options to export the mind map into another format like images, html or text. It is also possible to save the mind map as a template to reuse it for future projects.
There is only one negative aspect that has to be mentioned. The mind mapping software cannot be downloaded before the user creates an account at the website or uses an OpenId to log in.

Installing Xmind

Installing Xmind on Ubuntu is as easy as it can get. All you need is to download the deb file and double click it to install it. You can download XMind MindMap deb for Ubuntu from here.

Once you download the deb file just double click to install it.

Once you have installed it you can start it by going to Applications > Office > XMind

 I must admit, I have been hooked on to Xmind and it is one of my most favorite software. Do give it a try, it will definitely increase your productivity!

Xmind Home Page

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