Monday, May 25, 2009

Interview With Erick Bryant Of eSlick Reader

Usually we only discuss popular Linux OS such as Ubuntu, OpenSuse, PCLinuxOS etc. However the real power of Linux is harnessed by several handheld electronic gadgets.
eBooks are among them. We invited Foxit Software's Erik Bryant to tell us about the exciting things going on in the eBook world.

 So Erik, tell us some thing about the eSlick Reader.
eSlick Reader is a simple device that helps you to read any PDF document on the go. You can store thousands of books and PDF documents on the device and read for a couple weeks on a single battery charge.

 The OS is Linux based, right? Tell us some thing about it. 
Yes, eSlick uses Device OS Linux . We found that embedded Linux is small in size and it suitable for our device with 32MB NAND flash.
 Why Linux and not any proprietary software?
Linux is free and Open Source and useful for small devices, we can customize all the UI items our self. It would not have been possible with proprietary OS.

 Which formats can be used with the eSlick?
With the included software, any printable document can be converted to PDF and supported by eSlick. eSlick natively supports PDF and TXT. eSlick also supports MP3 format.

 How did you manage to achieve the low prize of $229?  
That was our starting introductory price and we did this to get many devices out in the market. We now sell at $259.99 for a limited time. The MRP is $299.99.

 What is being planned for the next version?
The next version will have wifi and more buttons. And the version after that will have some way to input text.

 What factors differentiate the eSlick Reader from other eBook Readers?
eSlick can natively support PDF much better. We have many viewing options with PDF files and they are displayed correctly and faster. Also, Foxit has a lower price than many competitors.

 What future do you see for eBook readers? 
The future has many great new advancements to come. There will be color possibly next year. The eBook readers will have larger screens and be thinner. More books will be available and there will be multiple ways to input information into the eBook reader. eBooks will never replace a computer. But in the future, books will be more readily available. The prices of the devices and books will go down. There will be screens that can roll flat and unroll for easy viewing. There will be many ways to take notes on the device.

 Why should a consumer choose an eBook reader over say, the iPhone?
The reason why a consumer would choose an eBook reader would be:
1) Battery life. A user can read thousands more pages on a battery
2) Simple to use. eBook readers are normally more simple to use than iPhone
3) Larger screen. Can read more text without having to turn the page as often
4) Healthier. The electronic ink does not harm eyes like an LCD screen would after reading for hours.

Thanks Erik, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading that.

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