Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Install Google Gadgets In Ubuntu 9.04

Google Gadgets for Linux provides a platform for running cool and useful desktop gadgets under Linux, catering to the unique needs of Linux users.

Install Google Gadgets in ubuntu 9.04

If you want to install google gadgets use the following command

sudo apt-get install google-gadgets-gtk 
Using Google Gadgets

You can open Google gadgets go to Applications—>Internet—>Google Gadgets (GTK)


Start Google Gadgets Automatically
To start Google Gadgets when you log in, open
System->Preferences->Sessions. Click Add and create a new item for Google Gadgets with the command ggl-gtk.

Compiz Widget Layer integration
Just like with Screenlets, you can use Compiz’s Widget Layer plugin to get an effect similar to Mac OS’ dashboard. You will need to have the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings tool (CCSM) installed, and be using the custom desktop effects level.

System->Preferences->Advanced Desktop Effects Settings. Enable the Widget Layer plugin, and enter its preferences screen. Select the Behavior tab, and type the following into the Widget Windows text box:

Your gadgets should now be hidden. Press F9 to toggle the widget layer to show and hide them.



  1. i've do that in my lptop but i gotta a problem,,,
    /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)
    what is that?
    i'm not quite understand.....
    please send me a massage @ arofahazhar@gmail.com

  2. whenever I reboot the computer, most of the gadgets don't restart and those that do are back in the sidebar (even theough the sidebar was disabled and the gadgets placed on my desktop before shutdown.) I'm guessing there's a command to start gadgets without the sidebar?


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