Friday, June 12, 2009

Use Empathy To Use Google Talk In Ubuntu

There is no official google talk version for linux which supports voice chat , also most of us have a lot of buddies in our google account , so not being able to talk to them from ubuntu can be a bit frustrating . So here's a small tutorial on how to get empathy to voice chat with your google talk buddies :

Step 1 : Go to Your Terminal and type sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

If you are using Ubuntu Jaunty , then add the following two lines

deb jaunty main
deb-src jaunty main

NOTE : For any other version of ubuntu , just replace jaunty with the version name

Step 2 : Now save and close the file
Step 3 : Back in the terminal type sudo apt-get update and then type sudo apt-get install empathy telepathy-gabble telepathy-mission-control telepathy-stream-engine telepathy-butterfly python-msn
Step 4 : Now the installation is complete.
Step 5 : Now open Empathy by going to Applications->Internet->Empathy 
Step 6 : Now click on Edit->Accounts ( or press F4)
Step 7 : Now select Account Type as Google Talk and click on CREATE

Step 8 : Enter your Login ID and password and ensure that the other settings are as shown in the screenshot ( its usually the default settings)

Step 9 : Now CHECK the option next to your gtalk account where it says ENABLED
Step 10 : Now back to the main empathy screen , select AVAILABLE instead of OFFLINE

Step 11 : Now when this page pops up , click on Always Allow

Step 12 : Now you should be successfully logged in
Step 13 : ALl the users which have a mic symbol next to it means that you CAN call them ( as they have a mic and headphone with them )

Step 14 : To CALL , just right click on the person's name and click on CALL
Step 15 : You should now see a window like this and should be able to TALK to your google talk buddy


  1. Dear friend
    i tried to enter commands into terminal,and asked for password. when i typed my password, it doesnot appear on the screen at all. after pressing Enter, it says pasword is wrong. what is the reason? appreciate any help.

  2. voice is working great... but video is not working. It says connection error at gmail video end (windows) What should I do to make the video work?

  3. i cant login into the google talk or yahoo by empathy. what can i do

  4. Its great to hear voice of friends in linux...thanx buddy...

  5. showing conection error pls help

  6. It doesn't seem to work for me at all. I have Ubuntu Karmic Kaola and Empathy 2.38.1 and all the above tweeks doesn't seem to work. The only hitch is with the outgoing voice. I receive incoming voice. It isn't any problem with the mic settings as Skype seems to work perfectly fine.

  7. Thanks - I tried googles way first without luck

  8. Thanks for the post.It is great to listen voice in ubuntu


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