Monday, July 27, 2009

15 Apps I Install On My Newly Installed Ubuntu

I decided to reinstall Ubuntu after using Kubuntu for some time. Here are some apps which I installed, I hope you will find it useful:
1. Opera: My current favorite browser. It isn't opensource, but works well.
Download Opera 
2. Hardware Drivers: to enjoy the coolest desktop effects, download these.
3. Codecs: Try to play any media file (MP3) and Ubuntu will install them automatically for you.
4. Compiz Setting Manager: You can enable many cool effects by using this simple settings manager, one example is the sexy desktop cube.
Open a terminal windows and type: 
 sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager

5. Exaile: The best music player for Gnome (modelled after Amarok). It is currently in alpha stage.
Download Exaile 
6. Skype: Make free calls from Ubuntu.
Download Skype 
7. Adobe AIR: You can use cool Adobe AIR apps by installing this.
Install Adobe AIR 
8. Flash: The most singularly important browser plugin. I use the Adobe version, the other two (Gnash and Swfdec just don't make the cut).
Download Flash Player 
9. Java: To run Java apps.
Install Java 
10. TweetDeck: The best twitter client out there, the real reason why I liked twitter for the first time.
Download Tweet Deck 
11. VLC: Newly Installed UbuntuThe best video player (though it still doesn't have audio for 3GP files)
Use Synaptic to install 
12. Beagle seach: A desktop search engine, far better than Tracker (which comes by default with Ubuntu).
Use Synaptic to install 
13. Themes & Wallpapers: The default theme is getting better with every new release of Ubuntu, but I'd still use something else.
14. Ubuntu Tweak: One stop solution to modify and tweak Ubuntu.
Download Ubuntu Tweak 
15. Wine: The only way to run Windows programs like MS Office in Ubuntu 

Use Synaptic to install


  1. thanks for this ... it helped me a lot

  2. im using usb bootable ubuntu netbook remix on my netbook and laptop which are both using win7...

    is there a way that install driver or software in my usb so that i could run the software next time i boot it up?

    usb bootable ubuntu and meego unable to use wifi,please advise me on how to install wifi driver in the usb...please~~please~~


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