Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WINE Runs Windows Viruses Too

WINE. It's not an emulator, but it is a pretty decent way to run many Windows programs under Linux.

What's that you say? Why yes, malware and scareware do count as programs. So, do they run under WINE, too?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Linux user Filip Sufitchi was killing time on Facebook when he stumbled across a malicious link on someone's wall. The link used a series of redirects to dump users at a site that pushes rogue antivirus software. Ignoring Firefox's repeated warnings (in the name of science, of course), Filip clicked onward until he wound up on the nefarious site.

Filip was rewarded with an incredibly annoying bogus app that didn't care what platform it was installed on. Win Police Pro set up shop and began "scanning" his WINE C: drive for "viruses," and WINE neatly transformed the Windows system tray alerts to Gnome notifications. The infection was also able to attach itself to the WINE registry.

While it's not the most positive endorsement of WINE around, it's still pretty impressive that an app like this was able to function without missing a beat (apart from a single error message).

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