Saturday, November 14, 2009

Install Real Player Gold on Ubuntu

alperesin-realplayer-256We try to cover as many music player as possible for Linux. Good part is there is always a good mix of choice from which you can choose the player of your taste. Let’s see how to install, Real Player Gold on Ubuntu. Real player if you know has been around for a long time and is very popular music player in Windows. However, off late it’s also been developed and made available for Linux.

Features of Real Player Gold for Ubuntu

  1. Play Windows Media files: RealPlayer for Linux allows you to play more video, including popular Windows Media files, RealMedia files and more.
  2. Create Personal Playlists: Easily create, save, edit and manage different playlists for any event or: mood.
  3. Enjoy 5.1 Surround Sound: Turn it up and play it loud! Updated multi-channel stereo sound allows you to enjoy 5-channel audio plus a dedicated sub-woofer channel for streaming or playback through either your ALSA or OSS sound system.
  4. Control Live Streams: Need to take a break from a live stream? Just click pause. Perfect Play automatically buffers streaming content. So you can pause, rewind and fast-forward through live broadcasts without missing a thing.
Install Real Player Gold on Ubuntu
1. In order to install Real player gold for Ubuntu, you need to download the deb file. Download link is at the end of the post.
2. Double click on the downloaded deb file to install real player gold on Ubuntu.



  1. WOW, thank you so much for this it's really cool. Great blog I would also say. I'll be following you for sure :)

  2. Its a nice site.

    Recently I just came across a good article on "100 Linux Tips and Tricks"
    Here is its link.

  3. Hi, when I do "Double click on the downloaded deb file..." it always appears
    "Status: wrong system architecture >>i386<<"
    Please, how I change this?

  4. @Mi
    You've got 32 bit Ubuntu installed. The package is for 64 bit Ubuntu.


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