Sunday, August 1, 2010

Remove Thumbnail Borders in Ubuntu Lynx [10.04]

If you’re using Ubuntu 10.04 or newer then you’ve probably seen the borders around your thumbnail pictures and movies.

This is how your images look by default.

You may like them with a thick white border, but if you’re looking for something a little sharper then give my thumbnail frame tweak a try!

This is how they look with my tweak!

The image that you’ll be downloading to use from me gives the thumbnails a drop-shadow effect and gives them a bit of a 3D stylish feel rather than a rounded clunky feel.

Open a terminal window and copy/paste the following commands to install or remove.

How to Install

  1. wget
  2. sudo mv thumbnailframe.png /usr/share/pixmaps/nautilus/thumbnail_frame.png
  3. killall nautilus

Restore to original

  1. wget
  2. sudo mv thumbnailframey.png /usr/share/pixmaps/nautilus/thumbnail_frame.png
  3. killall nautilus

Enjoy the new style thumbnails if you like them! This was brought about by a thread at entitled “Changing the Nautilus ugly thick white border for thumbnails“.


  1. Excellent tip! Thank you for sharing

  2. I must've done this three times on different installations - pretty sure I've always come here for guidance. Thanks!

  3. @tobz that was the main reason why used to blog about ubuntu... it used to help me in doing the same thing when i re-installed ubuntu


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