Monday, September 20, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10 Ambiance & Radiance themes for Chrome, Firefox & Opera [Updated]

The default Ambiance theme in Ubuntu 10.10 – and its lighter sibling Radiance – have received lots of due love and attention since Lucid and thusly many  third-party browser “themes” have also been pepped up in anticipation.

Radiance Chromium & Ambiance chromium by SWOriginal are the best looking and best ‘fitting’ Chrome/ium themes available for use on the Ubuntu 10.10 desktop.

Chrome in Ubuntu 10.10 using the SWOriginal's themes

The author has also created a Firefox Persona ready for users to apply, too. You can try it out before installing by directing your Firefox browser to

SWOriginal's Radiance Firefox Persona for Maverick users

KyleBaker has long been mentioned here on OMG! Ubuntu! for his fantastic Ambiance and Radiance Opera skins.

He’s wasted no-time in making them Maverick ready either, and both can be installed

Kyle Baker's revamped Radiance theme for Opera in Ubuntu 10.10

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