Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[Solved] Youtube Fullscreen Not Working in Ubuntu 10.10

I recently ran into this problem where videos played on Youtube would freeze when I switched to fullscreen. They played fine if I used Totem to open the flash video file. Finally I have found the solution.

Just right click on the video (configure flash) go to settings and then click on local storage and drag it to unlimited and that's it! full screen works perfectly.

Thanks to Ubuntu Forums :) 


  1. No help. If I set hardware acceleration off, I get the first frame of the image stuck. Sound plays but I cannot close this full-screen without rebooting the machine. If I turn it on, then I see a white screen flash and nothing plays..

  2. That didn't work for me in Chrome either. It goes full screen and just stops.

  3. Thanks! I was looking a solution for that during a long time !

  4. Thanks for your blog information.....


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