Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Salute You Mumbai.... & Your Heroes

Today I won't blog about Linux, today I want to blog about those heroes who achieved martyrdom while fighting those terrorists who attacked my Mumbai. For the past four days we have been constantly reading & watching how terrorists had held the entire country to ransom.
Starting with CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus), then moving on to hotel Taj and Oberoi and then Nariman house the terrorists attacked many places which were Mumbai's identity. It took 60 hours before all baring one terrorist could be sent to the gates of hell.
Mumbai lost many of its bravest cops in this fight. Normally many in this city would speak bad about our Mumbai police, words like Pandu are used with impunity. However very few people realise that it is the same Mumbai police which keeps them safe. Mumbai police is often said to be second only to the Scotland Yard. As compared to the rest of the country which kidnaps occur in broad daylight Mumbai remains safe only because of its dedicated police force. Sure there are few bad apples, but still we cannot deny that our police force is amongst the best in the world.
I would like to thank all those brave souls who keep us safe. Thanks for fighting the terrorists. Here are few of those brave police officers who laid their lives for their country:

Hemant Karkare: The head of Maharashtra's ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) he was in the line of fire for carrying out un-biased investigations about Hindu Terrorists by political partys like BJP. However when he got the news of terrorist firings, this 54 yr old lead his men against the terrorist, without caring for his life. He didn't wait for NSG commandos to come, NSG commandos came after 9 1/2 hrs, who knows what might have happened by then...

Vijay Salaskar: He was an encounter specalist, whille he lived he killed many goons who were a threat to public security. During the 1980s Mumbai was under the rule of underworld Dons. A special encounter squad was created for fighting them, since as in many developing countries criminals would get out despite getting caught by the police thanks to their political connections. So the encounter team would zap them instead of keeping them alive...and all Mumbaikars support them. He killed 75 criminals in his life time. It is such a big tragedy that he had to die in a gun fight.
Here is a link to one of his interview:
Who can predict what tomorrow will bring?
He said in that interview.....

Ashok Kamte: During his distinguished career as an officer of the Indian Police Service, Mr Kamte went after criminals and stood up to corrupt politicians earning an unusual following of civilian fans, even a fan club page on the social network, Orkut. By various accounts, his peers and civilians knew him as an extraordinarily-brave, outstanding and honest officer.
Here is an link to one Ashok Kamte tribute site:

Sandeep Unnikrishnan: He was a Major in the Indian Army serving in the elite National Security Guards (NSG) who was killed in an encounter with terrorists in November 2008 Mumbai attacks.
“Do not come up, I will handle them.” These were probably the last words which Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan told his men as he was hit by bullets while engaging terrorists inside the Taj Hotel, Mumbai during the Black Tornado operation.
During the operation, when a commando got injured Major Unnikrishnan arranged for his evacuation and started chasing the terrorists himself. The terrorists escaped to another floor of the hotel and during the chase Major Unnikrishnan was seriously injured and succumbed to his injuries.

I salute them....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Install Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu

I am a big fan of Microsoft Office 2007. The ribbon interface is very productive and MS Office 2007 was the first 'real' upgrade to the venerable quarter century old Office suite. However after switching to Ubuntu I thought I wouldn't be able to use Office 2007. I tried using Open Office but Open Office isn't half as good as MS Office 2007. I tried to search various forums and tried to install Office 2007 but couldn't. I took it as Wine's failure. However today I managed to install Office 2007 and that too without using any software hacks, I didn't even have to use the terminal. I managed to install Office 2007 by using a brilliant software called 'Crossover Linux' it is an commercial app which makes installing various Windows softwares a snap. You must have read about Crossover Linux, recently the company was giving away free versions of its software for free. Many of you must have downloaded it that day. CrossOver Linux won't let you install every windows software but it has been tailor made to install the most popular Windows software.
Well so here is how I installed my favorite MS Office on Ubuntu along with few screenshots:
1. Install Crossover Linux. It costs money, but  with Google and determination, you can find anything :p
2. Open Crossover Linux form Applications > CrossOver > Install Windows Software

3. Select Microsoft Office 2007 (or whichever you want to install) from the list. Hit Next.
4. If you have the CD then select the option of CD ROM or else select the option of Other Installer File, now browse to the place where media is situated. Hit Next.
5. CrossOver will create a new bottle (most probably XP). Hit Next.
6. CrossOver will now start the installations. Here is where it truly steps in. It will install various fonts which are required for installation and msxml3.exe which is very important for the installation to continue.
7. The MS Office installer will begin. Complete the installation process as usual. Wait for some time to make sure that the installation is over, or else it will corrupt CrossOver Linux.
8. CrossOver will do a virtual reboot.


9. You will find all the MS Office programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc under Applications > Windows Applications > Microsoft Office


10. You can use them without having to do a reboot!


Thankyou Codeweavers!
MS Office is performing very well, there are few gripes such as:
1. Word cannot open .mht files because that requires Internet Explorer.
2. I cannot move the application window. It remains in a static position.
3. When I started the applications for the first time it crashed often, but now it is stable.

Still I am glad to have Office working under Ubuntu. It rocks!
If you don't have CrossOver, Wine can help. Here are few links to other tutorials which promise to install Office under Ubuntu. I tried some of them unsuccessfully, but it might just work for you.


Along with Word I was able to install all other applications ion the Office Suite like Excel, PowerPoint etc.
CodeWeavers is amazing! May be Wine developers should also consider adding such scripts in their next version so that installing Windows software becomes even more easier.

Extract and Create RAR Files in Ubuntu

[Image]Rar is the second most popular zipping format after .zip unfortunately ubuntu doesn't ship with any utility to either create or extract rar files . Rar support isn't included in Ubuntu because rar is an closed format, like MP3. So here is how you can install rar support in Ubuntu.
To extract rar archives in Ubuntu do this:
Open a terminal and past this command in it

sudo apt-get install unrar

Or if you are using Firefox click here.
This won't install another software on your PC, rather Ubuntu's Achieve manager will get the ability to work with RAR files. Unrar is a small 99 KB package.
Note that unrar isn't an opensource project, so those who live by opensource ideology won't like to install this.
Tombuntu blog has posted another opensource solution here. However the opensource unrar doesn't work with all rar files.

Friday, November 21, 2008

7 Things to Do After Installing Kubuntu & KDE in General

[Image]I installed Kubuntu and tried it for few days, here are some tips for you if you are planning to instal Kubuntu. Kubuntu is the distant cousin of Ubuntu and uses KDE as its desktop environment. Canonical doesn't pay as much attention to Kubuntu, Kubuntu is generally regarded as one of the worst KDE based distros. I've heard that OpenSuse is a better option to try KDE. Here are few quick things to setup in Kubuntu:

1. Install Flash 10
To install the official Adobe Flash plugin (Flash 10) for Firefox, install the adobe-flashplugin package:

sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin

2. Install Java 6.0
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin

3. Install GIMP: I don't know why KDE doesn't ship with GIMP. It is obviously the best image editor other than Photoshop. One of the reasons for this could be that GIMP is an GTK based app.
sudo apt-get install gimp
Initially GIMP will look ugly but we can change that easily later on.

4. Turn off Wallet: The wallet must be one of the most irritating thing ever made for PC. It keeps on nagging for your password after every 5 min. So here is how you stop it.
K Menu > Applications > Settings > Wallet Management
Now look in your System Tray (it is normally at the extreme right side on your panel) for one brown colored icon. Right click on it and select configure wallet and then uncheck Enable KDE wallet subsystem.

5. Play DVDs:
sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2

if this doesnt work for some reasons use this command:
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/

6. Make GTK Apps Beautiful: If you try installing Gnome apps like GIMP, Firefox in KDE they will look ugly because they are based on GTK. To make them look like a normal (and beautiul) KDE app type this in a terminal:
sudo apt-get install gtk-qt-engine-kde4
Now got to K Menu > System Settings > Appearence > GTK Styles and Fonts

Here select the option Use my KDE style in GTK applications
also select  Use my KDE fonts in GTK applications

Now your Gnome apps will start looking pretty too. After using the above settings my GIMP started looking good before using that GIMP looked like some Windows 98 software :P
[thanks Tombuntu]

7. Add Avatar:  You can add cool avatars for your account.
Go to Settings >  About Me > Password and User Account

Well KDE 4.1  motto says 'Don't look back' well I have decided that from now on I won't ever try KDE. On the very next day Plasma crashed and I had to reinstall Ubuntu.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

10 Lamest Reasons For Giving Up On Linux!

Last time you read "7 Shit Ass Reasons for Using Linux" now here are "10 Lamest Reasons For Giving Up On Linux! "
1. No start button.

2. No Notepad, Paint or Internet Explorer.
Things you can do with MSPaint:

3. All others use Windows

4. I found it to be unusable, when I tried it 5 yrs ago

5. It is very slow! (when trying it out from a live cd)

6. It is Free.

7. I have heard that it is illegal, it is also made by hackers.

8. "I can get Windows free too (illegal copy)"

9. There is another OS apart from Windows?? (Gasp!)

10. I hate Penguins!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

7 Shit Ass Reasons Why People Should Try Linux

Linux fan boys are know to be ardent supporters of Linux. They constantly try to find various ways by which to get their Windows friends to get on the Linux ship.
"Virus? Linux has no virus", "AERO?, Compiz kicks AERO in the teeth". As always some reasons are valid where as some are utter shit! Here is a look at 7 such shit ass reasons people try to sell spread Linux for:

1. Successful people use Linux, Why don't you?
General Comment:
Did you know great people use Ubuntu? Like DELL founder and CEO Michael Dell.
Why don't you to start using Ubuntu like great people do?
This is Michael Dell:

Whats Wrong:
While I do admit that Mr. Dell is rich, successful and has few achievements like selling most number of "un-innovative beige boxes" , but great? Has he invented sliced bread?
Michael Dell also uses Macs along with Windows, so should I start using them too? In all he uses 5 computers, should I order 4 more for me?

Whats Right:
Did you know that great people like Jack the Ripper never used computers? Why don't you stop using computers like great people do?
This is Jack the Ripper:
2. Terminal is Way Cooler Than Boring GUI
General Comment:
Instead of doing boring repetitive click work you can use powerful tools like the terminal. Normal work which requires several minutes of mouse work, you can do the same work using one terminal command!
Introducing 'The Terminal':

Whats Wrong:
Theres nothing much wrong about it, the terminal is a powerful beast, except that
"It is year 2050 and we are on Moon (with our favorite dog), dammit!!!"
No one wants to waste time in front of the shitty terminal. Sure most users use keyboard shortcuts to speed things up, but thats as far as our keyboard love goes. If the terminal is your first love, go rip apart that pesky mouse and go use your mighty keyboard.

4. Install Applications Easily via Synaptic
General Comment :
In Windows you first read a review of the software, then you Google it up to find its homepage, then you go to the download page and scan for the correct version and then download it, then you have to find the folder where you have downloaded the softwares and then double click the .exe, then you have to reboot before you login to finally use the software. Your Linux friend tells this in a horrified tone as if he was reading all crimes against humanity committed by you. You installed Firefox by double clicking the .exe file? OMG!!!
It is also one of the main reasons why Windows users shake their heads and look other way.
Whats Wrong:

Well, I do agree Synaptic does makes installing applications very easy, but only on Linux. Thanks to all the jumbled garbage of commands and those pesky tar balls it get a lot confusing to install software using the terminal. I never have yet been able to successfully compile an tar ball myself. Without Synaptic, I would have been back in XP land.

Whats Right:
Keeping mum about Synaptic, before they actually try and install anything on Linux.

3. You don’t have to wait for years for the bugs to get fixed. You can track them down in Linux
General Comment:
Did you know that in Linux you can see the source code of the OS, you can check the code for any bugs and submit fixes. Microsoft keeps its code hidden, so you won't know if there are any bugs in it. Since Linux and its applications are open source, programmers from anywhere on the globe can find out mistakes!
Whats Wrong:
Yeah, tell that to my grandma. She'll help you with your recipes. Apart from coders nobody has time to read those yummy recipes (codes), forget making changes and submitting fixes. Most users are only interested in surfing, listening to those mp3s and watching movies. However, not everyone has the "dig in and fix it" mentality. They want to use their computer, not fix it. And that's perfectly normal.

Whats Right:
Forget the recipes, GIVE ME THE COOKIES!

5. Oh, Look We Have a Wonderful Community!
With Ubuntu if you have any problem, you don't have to pay for call customer care, you can simply use the forums where, friendly and wonderful people will help you!

Whats Wrong:
This is an fundamental flaw in trying to get your friends start using Linux. You are basically telling him, that pal with Linux, many times your PC will get screwed, but don't worry, PC support is free with our excellent forums!
Yeah, people want a PC which just works! not trawling through your friendly forums. Besides even on Ubuntu forums many times based on your luck, karma, the time in US when you take your breakfast, and the number of spelling mistakes you make, your questions go unanswered.
It is rumored that Jack the Ripper lurks on Ubuntu Forums.

Whats Right:
Because if you don't I won't help you with tech support.

6. Play hundreds of games for $0!
General Comment:
You might not be knowing this, but Linux too has a large collection of games, which unlike Windows are completely free! Most Linux distros ship with a default set of exiting games, you can always add more for free! And using Wine you can play amazing games like WoW!
Whats Wrong:
Well, what your Linux friend tries to hide from you is that the games available for Linux would have been hip if it was 1990. The default games shipped with most distros are minesweeper, sudoku, card games, chess etc hardly stuff worth drooling about. It is akin to telling people to upgrade to Vista because it has stunning 3D games like 3D Chess.

Whats Right:
You can play all your favorite flash games on Linux!

7. You will help a revolution by using Linux
General Comment:
Hi, I use Ubuntu and I have been a Linux user for 7 years now. I feel all of us should support Linux and open source technologies. Microsoft, Apple and other such closed source advocates follow an model which discourages progress and development of PC as a platform. Open source innovations like Firefox show that the future of Open source is the future of the world. So support Linux. Say no to Windows and start using Linux! And yeah, vote for Ron Paul, in 2012!
Whats Wrong:
Dude, most users don't give a shit about their softwares being open source or not. Sure being open source is all good and well but I will never choose any half baked application, simply because it is open source over some better alternative which isn't open source. Firefox is successful because it is an amazing browser and comes with tons of useful extensions which help me decide how I use the web (Adblock and Flashblock) rather than letting others dictate terms. What about Safari? It also uses the open source Webkit platform but sucks ass!

Whats Right:
Use Linux coz it is free, free as in thought and free as in Beer!

Hell I know nobody Diggs my articles, still Digg it!!! If you liked this you would like reading 7 Reasons Why KDE Sucks!

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