Saturday, October 31, 2009

Play Tetris in Ubuntu Terminal

Here is a cool way to play tetris in your terminal when you are bored.
TINT is a WINE like recursive name which stands for TINT Is Not Tetris.

sudo apt-get install tint

To run Tint, type tint in the terminal.
Here is a video:

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ubuntu Tweak Released!

The UbuntuTweak team have released a new version of the oh-so-popular all-round desktop tweaking application to celebrate the launch of Karmic Koala.
It brings new PPA’s & Updated sources – some only available for Karmic Koala. It also see’s the removal of some depreciated PPA’s and features.
New PPA’s
  • Gartoon Redux icon theme
  • GMPC
  • Mingming’s PPA
  • Rico Tzschichholz’s PPA
Updated Third-Party Sources
  • osd-lyrics
  • Dropbox
  • Amarok
  • Blueman
  • Christine
  • Smplayer
  • PlayOnLinux
  • XMBC
  • Vlc
  • Clutter
  • Gloobus
  • Bisigi
Sources Removed
  • Ubuntu-CN
  • Transmission daily
  • Bug fixed
  • Personal>Folder menu error on opening (LP: #461666)
A new “Theme” sub menu has been introduced so you can install even more themes: -


if you already have UbuntuTweak and have enabled the Ubuntu Tweak PPA then you’ll find this new version waiting in Update Manager.
Or you can download a  .deb for double-click installation @

This post originally appeared at: OMG Ubuntu

Upgrade Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) to 9.10 (Karmic)

This tutorial provides instructions on upgrading to KUbuntu 9.10 (code name “Karmic Koala”), the most recent release of KUbuntu, released on the 29th of October 2009.
Procedure to Follow

One your desktop notifies will inform you about the 9.10 update

If it has not prompted you you can make it run the upgrade. Type Alt-F2 and type into the box

update-notifier-kde -u

Follow on screen instructions


If you get an error stating one of these possibilities:

* Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu

* Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu

* Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu

try executing the following:

’sudo dpkg --configure -a’ in a terminal.

Afterwards, reboot, and try the upgrade again. This should help to fix any broken packages that are missing due to upgrade problems.

More details check here

CD/DVD/Bittorrent Download Links for Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

This is the list of CD/DVD images download links for Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu 9.10 (Karmic)

For Ubuntu Users

CD Images

DVD downloads

Don’t be confused, even though DVDs can hold far more data than the typical Ubuntu CD, the main benefit of the DVD downloads is to get access to all of the available language packs. Most people will be fine with the standard CD installer. There are fewer download locations for the DVD images and this list is updated less frequently than for the CD images.

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer download network that sometimes enables higher download speeds and more reliable downloads of large files. You will need to install a Bit Torrent client on your computer in order to enable this download method. You may then use one of the following links to download the Ubuntu cd image:

For more download locations check here

For Kubuntu Users

CD Images

Bittorrent Links

For more Download locations check here

For Xubuntu Users

CD Images

For More Xubuntu Mirrors check here

Firefox 4.0 Interface For Linux Mocked-up


Firefox 4.0 is not due to be released for well over another yeah but mock-ups of the premier open-source browser’s proposed visual refresh as it will look on Linux have been mocked-up and shown off today.

Version 4 will see a raft of major new features and improvements – not least of which is the refined interface above.

Another major addition will be Browser Sync via Mozilla Weave, allowing for cloud syncing of bookmarks, passwords and favourites.

Is it enough?

The majority of the forthcoming improvements are a reaction to Google Chrome. The speed, features and slick interface it offers really puts the “established” browsers in the shade – and Firefox is stepping up it’s game. But is it too little, too late?

Google Chrome will offer browser syncing in just a few months time (it’s already in testing, add --enable-browser-sync as a flag to use it.) Weave will rear it’s head in Firefox well over a year away. It already has the interface, it’s extension framework has potential to be far greater than Firefox’s (add-ons can be installed, disabled and removed without needing to “restart” the browser) and browsing just keeps getting faster.

In The Mean Time…

The next “minor” release of Firefox which will bear a visual change will be that of 3.7 which has also received some Linux mock-up treatment.

FileFx-3.7-Mockup-Linux-i01-T-Human-Brown FileFx-3.7-Mockup-Linux-i01-T-Oxygen

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) Officially Released

Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
Enlarge picture
After six alphas, a beta version and a release candidate, we are pleased to announce that Ubuntu 9.10 is here, today (October 29th), available on mirrors worldwide (see the download links at the end of the article). It is our greatest pleasure to introduce you guys to the highlights of this new release dubbed Karmic Koala. It all began on February 20th, 2009, when Mark Shuttleworth announced the Karmic Koala operating system, the next major release of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system. Ubuntu 9.10 is also the eleventh release of the Ubuntu OS and will be supported for 18 months on both servers and desktops.

Under the hood of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala):

· GNOME 2.28.1 desktop environment;
· Linux kernel;
· EXT4 filesystem;
· X.Org 7.4;
· X.Org server 1.6.4;
· Mesa 3D DRI 7.6;
· Compiz Fusion 0.8.4;
· Xsplash 0.8.4;
· New artwork.

The Ubuntu 9.10 feature tour:

· Improved boot times - Once again, the boot speed has been improved through various modern tweaks;
· New default filesystem - EXT4 is now the default file system for new installations;
· New boot loader - GRUB 2 replaces GRUB Legacy to support EXT4 file systems;
· New boot splash theme - Usplash has been revamped. It is slicker, better looking;
· New X-based splash screen - Called Xsplash, it offers a beautiful, animated splash image before and after the login screen;
· Home encryption - Yes! It's back and improved. It can be found on the installer's "Who are you?" step;
· Revamped login screen - GDM (GNOME Display Manager) has a new skin (in tone with the new Xsplash), and has been greatly improved with lots of features;
· 20 new wallpapers - from various photographers around the world;
· Cosmos wallpaper slideshow - includes 9 wallpapers with planets and stars that automatically change every 30 minutes;
· Revamped Human theme - the default theme has a new window border and it now includes the Humanity icon set;
· 5 extra GNOME themes and one extra icon theme - Kin, Impression, Night Impression, Hanso and Turrican GTK themes, and the Breathe icon theme are all available from the default software repositories;

· Easy access to numerous GNOME themes, icons, splash screens, login window themes and desktop wallpapers - By clicking the "Get more backgrounds online" and "Get more themes online" in the Appearance Preferences dialog, you will gain access to many wonderful themes for your GNOME desktop environment;
· XZ compression - available in the default software repositories, the brand-new XZ high-compression algorithm offers smaller archives compared with current alternatives. It replaces LZMA;
· Ubuntu One - enables users to store and share their files online. It can also synchronize their Tomboy notes and Evolution contacts;
· Ubuntu Software Center - It replaces Add/Remove in order to make application management more user friendly. It offers better descriptions and screenshots for many programs. Installing applications has never been easier;
· Better Computer Janitor - the system cleaner utility has a new interface and it's smarter when removing the cruft;
· Better 3D desktop effects - Still in charge of the beautiful Ubuntu desktop effects, Compiz Fusion features additional plugins for better desktop usability;
· New Disk Utility - a tool that offers hard drive monitoring, through S.M.A.R.T. It can also be used for disk formatting and partition management;
· Empathy Instant Messenger - It replaces the great and wonderful Pidgin multi-protocol messenger, with a Telepathy-based client for better GNOME integration;
· Improved document viewer - Evince protects your system from malicious PDF files;
· 25 language translations - including Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Swedish, Hungarian, English, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Catalan, Czech, Korean, Polish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Greek, Traditional Chinese, Galician and Basque;
· New software development tool - Quickly is a new piece of software that helps developers easily build and share applications for Ubuntu;
· Better power management - HAL has been finally replaced by udev and other modern technologies for better handling of your laptop's battery, hotkeys and storage devices;
· Better support for Intel graphics cards - The Intel video driver features the new UXA acceleration method and KMS (Kernel Mode Setting), which improves overall performance (including suspend and resume) and reduces display flickering during boot;
· New input method framework - The new IBus tool replaces SCIM to allow greater flexibility. It is designed for the anthy, hangul, chewing, m17n, rawcode, pinyin and large tables input method engines.

Included applications:


· Calculator 5.28.1 (an arithmetic, scientific or financial calculator);
· Character Map 2.28.0 (permits to insert special characters into documents);
· Baobab 2.28.1 (disk usage analyzer);
· Gedit 2.28.0 (a small and lightweight text editor with intuitive spell-checker);
· Seahorse 2.28.1 (passwords and encryption keys manager);
· Gnome Screenshot 2.28.1 (saves images of your desktop or individual windows);
· Gnome Terminal 2.28.1 (allows you to use the command-line);
· Tomboy 1.0.0 (desktop note-taking application).
Review image

Review image

· F-Spot (photo manager);
· The GIMP 2.6.7 (image editor);
· XSane 0.996 (scan, copy and fax images).

Internet tools:

· Empathy 2.28.1 (multi-protocol instant messenger);
· Evolution 2.28.1 (powerful e-mail client);
· Firefox 3.5.3 (the ever-popular web browser);
· Vinagre 2.28.1 (remote desktop viewer);
· Terminal Server Client 0.150 (rdesktop, vncviewer, wfica, xnest frontend);
· Transmission 1.75 (lightweight BitTorrent client);
· Ubuntu One 1.0.2 (online file storage).
Office tools:

· Dictionary 2.28.1 (a tool to search word definitions and spelling in an online dictionary);
· Suite 3.1.1 (spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and word processor).

Sound and Video:

· Brasero 2.28.1 (CD/DVD burning application);
· Totem 2.28.1 (DVD-Video, DivX, XviD, WMV, MOV player);
· Rhythmbox 0.12.5 (, radio and music player/organizer);
· Sound Recorder 2.28.1 (audio recording tool).

System Administration Utilities:
Review image

· Computer Janitor 1.11 (a tool that removes obsolete files and cleans your system);
· Palimpsest Disk Utility 2.28.0 (disk drive management and configuration utility);
· Ubuntu Software Center 1.0.2 (software installer/updater tool).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Select the Fastest Mirror for Your Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) Upgrade

Use the following procedure tutorial to select the fastest ubuntu mirror near to your location.

Procedure to Follow
First you need to launch Synaptic package manager from  System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager
Now go to select Settings -> Repositories.

Select Ubuntu Software tab In the Download From drop down, choose Other…

Click the Select Best Server button in the resulting dialog.Wait a minute (or perhaps more on a slow connection).

Testing best server is in progress

Once it’s finished,click on choose server

close everything and click Reload in the main Synaptic window.

Downloading package information in progress from your new mirror

This simple procedure picks the best mirror for you. This works for me very well so i would suggest you try this and see if it works for you or not.
If you have any other method which worked for you please let us know.

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